Selection and Pricing FAQ



Q: Do you have a physical store?

We do not. However, we do run our booth at 12+ conventions annually, and it's always growing. Check our schedule on and give us a visit!

Q: I see that an item just sold out. Will you restock it?

Currently we are using this store as a one-off for sales. So... generally, no, but keep an eye on our social media for updates.

Q: Will you have _____ in stock soon? When will _____ be restocked? Will you have _____ once it's released?

Generally, we cannot say :(.

Typically, most of our items go directly to the convention inventory first, mostly during our con season. While we may have something coming in and being stocked, it might be in a different warehouse.

Q: If you have _____ in stock, how much would it cost?

For the same as the answer above, we can't say. Prices are always changing!

Q: I saw _____ in your booth / in a photo you posted. Can you sell it to me here?

Unfortunately, no. A majority of requests we receive for this are items that have sold out. We also try to allow for con exclusivity with our items, as a service to those who come out and visit us on the road. Others are probably packed away with the con inventory, or in a different warehouse.

Additionally, shipping many items may be much more difficult than selling them at the booth. Sorry!

Q: I saw the price on an item change. Why is that?

Our prices constantly change based on many factors. The price from distributors, our amount in stock, volume of orders, the ever fluctuating exchange and shipping rates, and so on.

We also have a lot of items that have been circulating for a long time. So, we generally try to set out price based on what we paid - if the price goes up, we might not change our original price, but the new price will likely go up.

If you see a price decrease within 7 days of a purchase, contact us, and we'll refund the difference to you if it isn't due to a factor such as condition or promotion.

Q: Who is your favorite love live

Sakurauchi Riko.